Momentum's the 4th of July weekend and I can't seem to recall where the 1st half of 2011 went.  Yesterday Haley and her friend Taylor sang the National Anthem at their waterski show and it was amazing!!  We had just gotten back from our Nashville trip where Haley had writing appts, recorded one of her new songs in Paul Taylor's new studio (yes, that's Paul Taylor from Winger!!) and played out at a writer's night. She also had the pleasure of hearing the song she wrote with Josh Jones (Steel Magnolia) played at the River stage during the CMA festival...pretty cool for 13 years old!!  The day after we arrived home Meg & Josh came for a relaxing visit...a little fishing and a few home cooked meals before they played the Porterfield Music much fun and so nice to get to relax and just hang out a bit.  When I think about how crazy my life has been this year I only have to take a peek at their schedule and sigh in relief.  I'm not complaining...I actually thrive on the fast pace and it makes me really appreciate my down time with family and friends.  
The second half of this year looks just as styling work is picking up and is such an exciting addition to my writing.  Right now I'm drinking coffee, sitting on our deck welcoming another beautiful morning of sun (we do cherish these in northern Wisconsin :) and I just saw a mama whitetail and her little spotted fawn pass by in the meadow...yes, life is very, very sweet!!

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