Steel Magnolia Album Release - NYC 1/11/11

 I was not planning to attend the show in NYC on 1/11/11 for Meg & Josh's (aka Steel Magnolia) album release...on which I have my first major label cut ("Edge of Goodbye", which we co-wrote)...but I got a call from Meg on Saturday...hopped on the plane on Sunday and was, once again, totally amazed as my two sweet friends transform from my low key, love-to-hangout cuddly buddies to this raw edged, electric duo who slam bang their audience with everything from  the haunting traditionally tinged, "Glass Houses" to the ultra cool & swingy, "Ooh La La"....yes, I may be a bit biased, but I can plainly see I am not alone. I've been at shows in all four corners of this country and have, first hand, watched the reaction of the crowd...both male & female....young & old...and I know that I'm not the only one out there with goose bumps when Meghan wails that soulful bluesy wail...or who's left a little breathless...ahhhh... this is kinda weird talking 'bout someone who's like a brother... when Josh struts around the stage like he owns every inch of it.'s to last minute change of plans and a toast to the New Year with a prediction that it's going to be a VERY good year for Meg and Josh and for any music lover who's ready for fun and fresh, sexy and sweet all rolled into one cool duo - Steel Magnolia...let the good times roll!!



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