CMT's & New Pop Single

 Every June, for the past 5 years, I bring my daughter, Haley, after school gets out for summer and one of the highlights of her week is going to the CMT awards.  We've always been in the mosh pit together where she LOVES to be and where, last year, she was on camera a whole lot.  I, on the other hand, hate the 4-plus hours of standing on the cement floor but endure it because Haley gets so much pleasure out of it.  This year my friend, Meghan Linsey, invited me to sit with her in the artist section so Haley invited a friend to join her in the chaos on the floor. We were both elated, although I was a little nervous (you know...the mother thing).  We tried to keep in touch via texting but the reception in Bridgestone was not good. After many attempts to communicate to remind her where we were meeting after the show, I finally called and got thru to her during a commercial break and all I heard was a scream of "We got Luke Bryan's underwear!!!!"  Just to clarify, Luke Bryan did a little gag where Tom Arnold pulled some underwear from Luke's pants (they were very nice camo boxers..obviously never worn) and threw them into the crowd.  Of all the people on that floor and the scramble you could see from our seats I was stunned that my daughter and her friend ended up with them.  I turned to Meg and said, "Haley got Luke Bryan's underwear" and she said, "Of course she did!" and that sort of sums up the whole scenario.  She has the luck of the Irish, is the person who always seems to be in the right place at the right time.  After the show we had to go to my writing office so her and her friend could use a scissors to "split" their prize.  On the way home she told me "this was the best CMT's yet".  I felt a little twinge and knew it was the beginning of many firsts where she would be navigating situations and experiences on her own...without me.  I was excited and sad at the same time.  In my heart I know this the way it's all suppose to go...but it still leaves me feeling a little nostalgic.  I will miss the little girl who, the first year we attended the awards together, held my hand and was afraid to stray from my side.  But I am proud of the young lady who strategically grabbed Luke Bryan's underwear and split them with her friend.  Awhh, the joys of parenthood!!

Now for a little music news!  If you go to my music page I've added my new single, "I NEED A MAN" performed by new pop sensation, COTTEN EYE JANE. There is a lyric video on YouTube and it's been sweeping the dance clubs in Europe and Asia.  COTTON EYE JANE will be premiering her new single on VHI this summer.

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