Bad Blogger

 The truth is I'm a horrible blogger.  As I checked out my blog I was shocked, then ashamed, that I have not shared anything here since June of last year.  Yikes!  I could promise you now that I will not let that happen again, but in all honesty I know that would be a futile promise.  I could also tell you a whole lot of excuses why I haven't had time to blog and they're the same excuses I use when I fail to keep up with other responsibilities on a regular basis, like keeping in touch with friends, shaving my legs, baking homemade cookies, balancing my checkbook.  And the list goes on, but to keep from feeling totally irresponsible I will stop here and give you a brief overview of the last half of 2012.

I can tell you without a doubt that the 2nd half of 2012 was filled with many great writes resulting in many new songs and a whole lot of stying gigs including another great video shoot. I also can tell you that for the first time in six years I did not travel at all during November and December.  Instead I stayed home and made it to everyone of Haley's basketball games and every gig her band played.  I also savored the holidays and family birthdays.  It was a much needed hiatus and it allowed me to refuel my creative tank.

And I'm grateful for the break because 2013 came out of the shoot full throttle.  I've been busy writing with all my favorite co-writers. I've been also writing with Meghan Linsey for her first solo album while helping to plan her debut showcase, which recently included a funky new photo shoot I helped her style (check out the pics in my styling picture gallery).  I also was hired by the other half of my favorite duo, Joshua Scott Jones, as a production coordinator for the video shoot for his new single.  I'm so proud of my Steel Magnolias for continuing to bring their exceptional music to their fans while both venturing out to create their own solo projects.

I'm very excited for Meg's showcase on February 20th at the Exit Inn.  She will be debuting our new music and I'm convinced the rest of this year will be a whirlwind for the whole team. And I swear I will make an effort to keep you up on all these great events on a regular basis right here...yeah right!!  But I will guarantee I will be here again with the highlights when I can fit it in to this busy life...and I wouldn't have it any other way!



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