Almost April??

 Ok..really...where did the first 3 months of 2012 go??  I can't believe my last post was in October...shame on me   As usual I will pull the "crazy busy" card, but the truth IS the truth!  Let me digress to 2011 and the race to the finish line...November found me traveling to both Nashville and Florida to write.  It was a great change of pace to be on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale in lovely weather writing new songs with the amazing Meghan Linsey and Britton Cameron.  December and January was back in Nashville and February it was a couple weeks in the "city of Angels" (this time in a beautiful place on Santa Monica beach) writing with some great new people (pop, film & TV).  Got to attend Grammy after party with some new friends (and Meghan). March brought me back, once again to Nashville to write with several up and coming new artists and some great writers and old friends.  The best of all worlds!!

Just last week I was privileged to be the speaker at the NSAI meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin where I'd been the coordinator for 13 years before signing my publishing deal. Thank you so much to all of you (old friends and new faces) who came out (especially those of you who drove hours) and made the night a very special one for me...a great way to celebrate my birthday!

Check out my styling tab...I was fortunate to be able to style Meghan Linsey for the Grammy's and the Make It Right Foundation Charity event, founded by Brad Pitt, which was held in New Orleans.  Ellen Degeneres hosted and the celebrities were out in full force for this great cause...continuing to rebuild New Orleans.  Kanye West and Rhianna performed.  The video for the last Steel Magnolia single, "Bulletproof" also went up on my site...I did all the styling for this project and it's a hoot!!  It was in hot rotation on both CMT and GAC.

Exciting news!!  I have a single coming out this spring/summer on an incredibly talented (and beautiful..inside and out) new artist who has become one of my favorite co-writers and a great friend, as well.  I also, have a single coming out VERY soon on a new pop artist.  A GREAT start to, what I believe, is going to be a FANTASTIC year.
There are even a few more tidbits I can hardly hold in but I will practice restraint  and wait 'til all is signed, sealed and delivered to post (and this time I promise to be more timely  

And BTW...I added a Twitter button to my contact page...yes, believe it or not I'm Tweeting...or attempting to anyway.  I can thank my co-writer, Nicole Johnson for setting me up a twitter account in the time it took me to go to the bathroom and grab a water from the fridge...yikes!!

Until then, enjoy the upcoming beautiful weather and please contact me to let me know how you all are doing. 



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